Indie Lee

CEO Indie Lee Co

When doctors diagnosed Indie Lee, a happy-go-lucky New Yorker, with a rare brain tumor and only six months to live, Indie Lee did the unheard of: she turned her life sentence into a life calling. Upon discovering her tumor was likely the result of environmental factors, Indie decided to devote herself to crafting an eco-chic collection of all-natural skincare products that not only make a difference, but are also sophisticated and stylish

Indie wasn’t always a skincare expert and beauty entrepreneur. Prior to her near fatal diagnosis, she had a successful corporate career. From 1993 – 1995 Indie worked at Ernst and Young as an auditor. After receiving her CPA in 1995, she began working at HBO, as Manager of International Finance and then as Manager Domestic Revenue Group. In those roles, she set up HBO offices in Latin America, Central Europe and the Pacific Rim. In 2003, Indie left this fortune 500 Company for corporate consulting.

Then, in 2008, this former financial executive found herself with a string of painful headaches and a peculiar change in vision. After scheduling a routine MRI to put her fears to bed, Indie faced that worst-case scenario: She was experiencing the side effects of a rapidly growing brain tumor. However, it wasn’t the shocking diagnosis that left her dumbfounded. It was the likely cause of the tumor - environmental toxins - that she had a difficult time comprehending.

At that moment, Indie became immersed in understanding the toxins and chemicals she was using on her skin. Her inquisition started as a diversion from her own health issues during bouts of chemotherapy and quickly turned into her life’s passion. Through constant research, Indie became more aware of the natural ingredients and safe and effective toxin-free products that were available. This newfound and ever-expanding knowledge helped her realize the importance of not only what you put into your body but also what you put on it, especially since the skin is the largest organ in the body. Wanting to bring this insight to women and men, Indie Lee launched her healthy yet chic line in 2010.

“For me, Indie Lee is more than just a product line,” says Indie. “My true passion is to share my knowledge and story with others so they can make the right beauty choices for themselves without sacrificing the things they love.” Many of the products in the Indie Lee line today were born in Indie’s 750 square foot greenhouse, and staying true to her mission, she plans on continuing to formulate safe products using good-for-you ingredients while keeping her line tasteful and aesthetically beautiful. Indie Lee’s inspiring story has led many people to rethink their beauty routines and lifestyles to become their healthiest self, flawlessly. Her philosophy and her brand embody beauty without sacrifice for a confident and healthy way of life.