Jennifer Freitas

FOunder, Truth Beauty Company

Jennifer Freitas is Canada's leading green beauty expert and the founder of The Truth Beauty Company. Following an extended research on chemicals, additives and the process of consumable elements, Jennifer decided to alter her personal care and food habits in order to ensure the safety and quality of ingredients consumed by both herself and those she loves. Being conscious of these elements allowed her to protect the environment and waters from persistent and bioaccumulative toxic chemicals affecting our bodies functionality.

10 years into green living Jennifer decided to create a consumer friendly platform, and in 2010 launched The Truth Beauty Company which offers viable equivalents to the toxic chemically laden commercial brands available in today’s saturated personal care market. Whilst keeping tabs on the latest achievements of the ingredient conscious beauty industry, Jennifer and the Truth Beauty Company team thrive on finding alternatives which are cost savvy, chemical free and eco-friendly for North American shoppers.