Sheri Stroh


Known for her presence on set and an obsession with achieving perfect glowing skin, Sheri Stroh believes that make-up is a tool of enhancement that one should enjoy. An industry leader in product knowledge, Sheri is called upon as an expert for her recommendations, tips, and tricks of the trade. 

With a focus on natural and environmentally friendly beauty products, Sheri constantly builds upon her wealth of knowledge about the health effects of different products. As more natural hair care and beauty products are released, it is vital that experts have firm understanding of the different ingredients and how they affect the human body. 

Whether a client is looking for something glamorous or a barely-there minimalism, the quality of her work is always evident in her technique. Her influences come from abroad and she loves observing the hair and make-up of everyday peopleќ for inspiration and trends. 

Sheri's easy-going manner and ability to collaborate and bring ideas to life has led her to working with up and coming artists Nikki Yanofsky and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, legendary musicians Slash and Rufus Wainwright and beauty icons such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Cate Blanchett, and Penelope Cruz. 

Clients include Winners, Harry Rosen, Nike, Elizabeth Arden, L'Oreal, and Mercedes Benz and her work has appeared in several publications such as Spanish Marie Claire, Elle Canada, Fashion, Flare, Glow, FQ, Zink, and Sports Illustrated Women.